The Air Quality Management (AQM) training is a course that enables environmental specialists to demonstrate that they have the knowledge needed to implement the requirements as required by the Environmental Management and Coordination Act, 1999.

The training will include the following modules:

  • The technical and legal context of AQM
  • Air Quality Management and Policy
  • Emissions Modelling & Inventories
  • Air Quality Communication
  • Pollution Control Strategies and Best Available Technologies
  • Air Quality monitoring and compliance
  • Review and assessment
  • Action Planning
  • Managing the AQM process
  • Air Pollution Impacts

Each module stands alone but is intended as a part of a programme of study leading to a certificate of proficiency in AQM. Those achieving the certificate will have demonstrated that they have the knowledge and understanding needed to carry out the functions required. This knowledge, when coupled with practical experience gained ‘on the job’ as part of an individual’s continuing professional development plan, will provide them with the necessary confidence to operate effectively, and their managers with evidence of an individual’s ability to implement AQM requirements.

The course is, therefore, a vehicle for personal development and a means by which users may strengthen their infrastructure for delivering AQM.

Our Trainers are registered experts under the Directorate of Occupational Safety and Health Services (DOSH) in the Ministry of Labour and National Environmental Management Authority (NEMA).

Training’s target audience:

Air Quality Specialists, Environmental Officers and Other Personnel involved in Environmental Monitoring and Control.