Farmers and pastoralists cultivate and manage livestock and crops and make value of water, sun and soils. Natural resources are the basis for food and feed production. A sufficient and constant supply of farming products is the foundation of food security. Farmers and peasants have acquired knowledge over centuries how best to adapt to changing climatic conditions and economic realities. Modernization and technological innovations have led to a steady increase of agricultural output. However, while in some regions production systems lack the capacity to adapt to environmental and economic hazards and challenges, other regions discover the effects of over-exploitation and the degradation of soils.

A large number of studies have revealed that in the course of modernization and technological progress, extension workers, development experts and technical advisors have not been able to advance in terms of a general awareness of sustainable agricultural practices. A general view on the system in which natural resources are transformed into products for human consumption and how these livelihood-systems achieve sustainability and become resilient can be described as deficient.

Content of the training:

  • Changing ideas and current concerns about sustainable agricultural development in the context of climatic changes
  • Maintenance of soil fertility and biodiversity in the context of sanitary challenges and plant protection
  • Pest, disease and weed management
  • Farm management
  • Marketing and trade
  • Organic Farming
  • Crop management
  • Rural livelihoods, labour conditions and socio-economic requirements
  • Water-economy and water-management
  • Animal husbandry, manure and fodder-production
  • Energy demands and supply systems for energy-efficient agricultural production

Our Trainers are approved and registered experts under the Rainforest Alliance. 

Training’s target audience:

Farm Managers, Farm Supervisors, Agricultural Extension Officers, Agricultural Inspectors, Farm Trainers, Farmers and Other Agricultural Personnel.