Diverse Management Consultancy Ltd is implementing a technological approach to the way within which its clients will be getting continual uninterrupted training and consultancy services. Due to the client’s needs, we have started to offer most of our courses via virtual platforms so as to meet the demand and expectations of our clients.

We promise to maintain our high-quality value adding learning experience to all our current and potential clients even as we keep an open room for continual improvement irregardless of the challenges and opportunities that we may face. We will utilize the latest tools, methodologies and techniques delivered by our expert trainers and consultants via the various appropriate virtual platforms. This is a great time to invest in your knowledge and skills, to polish up your competence and keep your career and business going and prepare for recovery.

All our PECB courses are available for the virtual training program:

  1. PECB ISO 9001 Foundation / Lead Auditor / Lead Implementer Levels

  2. PECB ISO 14001 Foundation / Lead Auditor / Lead Implementer Levels

  3. PECB ISO 45001 Foundation / Lead Auditor / Lead Implementer Levels

  4. PECB ISO 22000 Foundation / Lead Auditor / Lead Implementer Levels

  5. PECB ISO 13485 Foundation / Lead Auditor / Lead Implementer Levels

  6. PECB ISO/IEC 17025 Foundation / Lead Assessor / Lead Implementer Levels

  7. PECB ISO/TS 29001 Foundation / Lead Auditor / Lead Implementer Levels

  8. PECB ISO 21500 Foundation / Lead Project Manager Levels

  9. PECB ISO 31000 Foundation / Lead Risk Manager Levels

  10. PECB ISO 19600 Foundation Level

  11. PECB ISO 21001 Foundation Level

  12. PECB ISO/IEC 20000 Foundation Level

And any other requested course will be added to the list.

NOTE 1: Foundation Course: 2 Days with a 1 Hour Exam.

NOTE 2: Lead Auditor / Assessor / Implementer Course: 5 Days with a 3 Hour Exam.

NOTE 3: A self-study can also be arranged for you or your team to study at their own pace.

Every attendee/trainee will get training materials and the exam will be done online on the PECB Website after registration.

Kindly contact us through our CONTACT FORM with your area of interest and we will be happy to guide you through with more details.